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Ronaldo(n’t) bother with this one!

I like football, and I especially love watching it when it is played by a talented number 7, like Cristiano Ronaldo. However, this documentary is clumsy and awkward, and lacks a focal point. Yes, it’s clear that Ronaldo believes that ‘I, myself and me, me, me meeeeeee’ should be the focal point, but just trundling a film crew along while Ronaldo and family do daily life, makes a dishwater dull doco.  The editing needs to be tighter and had the ‘end credits’ Q and A segment been integrated into the documentary itself, the focus of the answer commentary would’ve enhanced the mish-mash of footage. If you absolutely adore Ronaldo, you’ll probably adore this film – I wouldn’t recommend anyone else devotes the time to watching it though!

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