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Short Film Review Kelly Chambers

Kelly Chambers happens to be one of those films you can’t help but watch more than once.

Kelly Chambers 2

This is somewhat surprising, as Michael Clarke’s 11 minute short film makes you feel heavy hearted and full of neglect as an impending doom approaches. Perhaps it was the fact that this short film is so closely tied into the reality of life which made it so interesting.

We are introduced to a counsellor, who discovers that one of her troubled patients is the reason she is suffering from depression and anxiety. A chilling music score- interrupted only by eerie dialogue between- adds an extra dimension of uncomfortableness.

Kelly Chambers

The thought of a bad start with a worse ending was somewhat refreshing, even though the execution itself was not so grand. But again, I can look past the annoying shake’n’still camera and the bland colour grading knowing Michael Clarke did not take any other shortcuts in his debut. An excellent cast, along with a very moving story made up for these shortfalls.

Seeing the theme of suffering and ordinary people trying to exact revenge in a violent manner worked nicely, even if the eventual outcome is well…bloody disgusting (spare the pun). Although I find myself in disagreement on one key issue; the law belongs of the people, not the state. We trust the state and its civil servants like the police to uphold it. So this token line “taking the law into your own hands” seems like a bit of a flat non-truth.

Regardless, Kelly Chambers is well worth the watch.

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