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Short Film Review: Master and Apprentice

Master and Apprentice still 2It is hard to know how far a short film maker is with their on screen journey. Luke Stewart’s short film Master and Apprentice seems to be on a trail of discovery. And I hope I’m correct in my assessment here.

A lot was being tried out in this short about a novice wizard seeking to purchase a spell which will provide him with riches and fame. The younger actor presents his character as uncertain and slightly awkward character. In much the same way the older actor seems to thrive on being one of those typical mysterious shop keepers.

Master and Apprentice still

Everything worked to its intended effect. The on screen chemistry was good. The eerie background music held some moments together nicely. And Stewart certainly captures some of the more intensive moments in well-timed close ups.


“And please don’t take offense at this” but I felt that the story, whilst somewhat interesting, felt like it had already been told before. The dialogue also seemed a bit out of place.

Am I expecting too much? Probably. Although those last two points left a bit of a sour aftertaste, enough was done to capture my interest, and the hope of a possible sequel.


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