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Short Film Review: Vajazzle

I enjoyed the bright colours and glitzy music. That weird fellow was also a nice touch. But Vajazzle fell short of the mark. With rather crude humour and unpleasant nudity, I cringed more than I laughed.

Charlotte (Nathalie Boltt), is a middle aged woman who is cleaning up her private parts in the hope of getting physically intimate with her husband Dave (Janathan Brugh). It is their anniversary. However Dave is out getting hammered in a bar, complete unaware of what awaits him at home. Furious and looking for revenge, Charlotte makes a lasagne. As you may have guessed, this is no ordinary lasagne; it is laden with pubic hairs, as Dave finds out when he stumbles inside.


Maybe my sense of humour just doesn’t match up with what the film makers were after. Yes, the film did have its funny moments. Kevin, the weird pervert stalking Charlotte provided a welcome bit of awkward humour. And I smiled when all the cans fell out the Mini Cooper’s door as Charlotte greets her girlfriend. Some slick editing and a good soundtrack certainly help the cause here.

But this short film didn’t captivate me and had me turning away for long parts of the opening sequence. It was just not a comfortable viewing experience. And the plot’s general path of revenge left me feeling things had stooped very low. It also seemed like the story had been told before. Was there not a more cunning way to exact revenge than what came on screen?

Feedback so far has been positive. More than 70 individual sponsors made a contribution on Pledgeme to get the film going. Some prominent businesses chipped in as well. The draw card of Nathalie Bolt (who also directed the film) and Jonathan Brugh cannot be underestimated.

Vajazzle is suited to audiences who don’t mind something a bit unorthodox. This market happens to be quite a sizeable one. I however am not a part of that market segment.

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