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Short Film Review: Whiskey

I’ve often thought of some short films as a prelude to full length motion pictures. Whiskey very much feels like one of those films.

Whiskey carries itself well on a simple story. A young man (Jason Head) has just come from his father’s funeral. “Just give him whiskey,” says the female friend (Tricia Wey) accompanying him, to the bar tender as he washes up. As the young man returns and finds that what he ordered is Whiskey, the story of a distant father and son relationship comes to the surface.


Writer and Producer Paul Carlsen teamed up with his friend Henry Croston to make the film. Their skills with colour grading, musical scoring and editing were absolutely superb. ingenious in fact. As the man marches towards the bar stool a blurry haze appears, resonating directly with the state of confusion he is in. The opening sequence of the cemetery is also well supported with a poignant musical score.

The entire film felt like a scene in a movie, instead of a stand alone film. This is not a bad thing- as the short film was well made- but it does get frustrating when things begin to get interesting. I was almost hoping for an extended version and must certainly tilt my hat to the two lead actors who completely captured their characters with effortless ease.

So take a good look at all of the cast and crew. This definitely will be the beginning of something great. And I for one will be the first in line to watch the full length feature film any of them work on.

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