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Sione’s 2 Review

I am a fan of New Zealand movies. It is nice to see Auckland and or scenic bits of New Zealand as the setting rather than some city overseas. The problem with sequels is that you already know the characters, their personalities and generally how they will behave so the thrill must lie in the plot.

Siones 2 Unfi

After a tragic event the boys are sent on a mission to find someone within the deadline of one day. There is a reason for this haste so off the boys go in a taxi to the favourite haunts of the person they are looking for.  He is not at the bar, so they then go off to the library (to look for books on grief under ‘G’) Featuring a library warmed my heart and I delayed my cup of tea making until the library scene was over.  Grey Lynn library looked very nice except for a librarian doing the ‘shsh’ thing which never happens and certainly not in a busy public library which is the heart of the local community.  Take note of the young pretty librarian who is quietly weeping at the desk (we all have moments like that, dear) as she will turn up again.

Then it’s the burger shop, another bar, and much rushing around Grey Lynn and central Auckland and so on until they find Paul/Bolo and can resolve the issue caused by the tragedy. There are some side issues such as the secret wife turning up with her Melbourne Mafia family in tow and much discussion as to whether Marcel the personal trainer is becoming just too friendly with someone else’s wife.   And some funny bits as Albert is the only one who lives on the North Shore in Glenfield in a house which his wife pays for because she has the better job and wonders why there are so many furniture shops in Wairau Road.  Michael does not learn from his many love affairs  and surely would have broken his leg jumping from second storey bedrooms when chased by angry husbands. He must have a good stunt double and/or pick married women who live in single storey houses. At some point I went to the kitchen to make tea and and I did not pause the DVD. Predictability had set in over the movie like a winter fog over Grey Lynn…but as I said before I am a Kiwi movie fan so I won’t be too critical but the twists and turns of the plot to carry off a sequel just are’nt there. But there are worse movies and it was entertaining and for me the library scenes will give it a 3 star rating.

The Ask Annabel review scale :

***** Excellent – see at least twice at the movies and buy the DVD the day it comes out

****   Very good

***     Good and possibly buy at the Warehouse in the $10 bin

**       Watch on Sky if home sick and incredibly bored

*         As abysmal as the “Deep Blue Sea” which is the worst movie I have ever seen

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