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Taken 3 Review

In 2008 Liam Neeson excited cinema goers with an up-tempo, mouth watering film with his first outing in the Taken Franchise. At the time I was a young, eighteen year old in film school. I enjoyed the dialogue, fresh story line and multi-shot fight scenes that drew this action-fan, action-fiend in, for more than just explosions and gunfire.

Taken 3 does the best it can to find Bryan Mills (Neeson) a worthy adversary. However,  anyone who has seen the previous two films knows that Mills does not lose. Director Oliver Megaton did his best to create a situation where everything is against Neeson’s character. This turned the film completely away from the idea of Taken Franchise and moved it toward a giant game of cat and mouse between the sizeable stars of Liam Neeson and Forest Whitaker. This became immensely boring, although Whittaker and Neeson exchanged some snappy remarks and had some close shaves, there was very little suspense. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t seen Forest Whittaker play the detective before? Phone Booth, Street Kings, The Last Stand. It seems like a waste of space for such a profile actor.

Taken 3 differs from its predecessors; it is more ingrained in the “thriller” genre than the first two films. The only thing is that any viewer should be able to pin the protagonist within the first five minutes. This made the lack of action and attempts to conceal key information from the audience redundant.

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