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The Inbetweeners 2 Review

The Inbetweeners 2 just happens to be one of those films in which you have to accept that the humour is crude and the horniness of four young college men may be mistaken for misogyny. I’d say the film earns a pass mark. The characters remind me of idiotic people I come across in real life and the best laughs tend to be the embarrassing moments. Comparisons have been drawn with the American Pie film series. This is close but not quite accurate.

Will, Neil and Simon are three college students who get bummed out by college classmates for dressing up as Harry Potter characters.  Meanwhile they are hearing a lot of stories from their friend Jay in Australia, who has gone down there for his gap year. According to him there are a lot of hot girls running around wanting to get their rocks off with him, as he is the best DJ in some Sydney beach nightclub. What transpires in reality though is a starkly different. The guys arrive in Sydney to find Jay is a toilet butler living in a tent on his uncle’s front lawn.

In the nightclub Jay works at, Will bumps into Katie, an old friend of his who is quirky and into spiritual meditation and travelling all over Australia. For much of the film we see him sucking up to her in the hope’s of winning her heart. Jay is trying to rekindle the spark with his ex-girlfriend who is working somewhere in the outback. Simon gets engaged to his clingy girlfriend thanks to Jay’s uncle interfering. And Neil, well let’s just say he has no stinking luck in this film.

Most of this movie revolves is based of an idea of what young British men travelling overseas are like. You can make a call on whether or not this depiction is accurate. It may be spot on, it may be completely wrong.

I enjoyed the films embarrassing moments, like when Will got a face full of poo after riding down the water slide. Then there’s the moment when their car breaks down in the desert. Scene after scene under the hot sun elapses and the guys are pretty convinced they will die from heatstroke and dehydration. Only later do we realise they were hardly out there for two hours. Another enjoyable part of the film was seeing a character doing something silly or weird and being reminded of some idiotic people who I know and thinking “yes that person would do something stupid like that if given the chance.”

What I didn’t like though was the graphic nudity, the endless and often unnecessary swearing and the somewhat forced humour, which had other people on the floor laughing while I was curling up in the seat wandering where exactly I got lost. The story sounded partially interesting but comes unstuck so much. Sensationalism was the default when things started going south. Some things would just have worked better if they had stopped when the first laughs came, instead of trying to milk each funny moment for all it is worth.

If you enjoy lowbrow and slapstick humours then you’re in for a real treat. The movie won’t let you down. Should you want to be reminded of the idiots you know in your life then you’re in for a treat. However if that doesn’t sound appealing then The Inbetweeners 2 isn’t for you.

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  • Robin September 6, 2014, 8:29 pm

    Sounds a lot like the series and the first movie – you get pretty much what it says on the tin but I think the characters are great so you’re always happy to go along for the ride although you don’t expect too much.

  • Daniel September 8, 2014, 5:19 am

    I loved this movie and the series just cracks me up!


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