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The Legend of Tarzan Review

legend of tarzan

Once The Legend of Tarzan really got going, it turned into a rip roaring adventure story that kept me gripped to my seat.

It was an experience similar to what you felt in adventure films of years gone by, like ‘Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark’. Now that dates me, as that Indiana film was made 35 years ago.

Quite a few viewers are familiar with the original story of Tarzan; but this film is different as it starts in London 10 years after Tarzan comes to live in the family castle began a life of an English gentleman along with his wife Jane.

King Leopold of Belgium tricks Tarzan into returning to the Congo as part of a secret deal he has made with an African chief. Once the deal is complete, it enables the King to get his hands on rich jewels from a diamond mine. The end result would be that the King would be able to gain complete control of the Belgium Congo in 1881 and use the native people as slaves to serve the whim of his empire.

There are many early parts of the story that flashes back to Tarzan’s life as a child and young man in the African jungle and they did help to bring the story of Tarzan’s return to Africa together.

The main characters in this swashbuckling film are Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard), Jane (Margot Robbie), George Washington Williams (Samuel L Jackson) an American emissary and Rom (Christoph Waltz) the main baddie who is acting for the King and it is well directed by David Yates who directed the last four Harry Potter movies.

Director David Yates -best known for his work on the Harry Potter movies- fits the film’s pieces together quite well. It was well acted and directed with special effects and stunt scenes such as swinging from branches and travelling through forest at speed all adding to the experience.

The film is really made for adults of all ages from the X generation through to the golden oldies.

I felt very ho hum about this film prior to seeing it but now I am happy to give the film four stars out of five.

Although the film was nearly two hours long, it held my interest right up until the last scene.

This review was written by Graeme Constable

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