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3 Days to Kill: Directed by Mc G; Starring Kevin Costner, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Neilsen

The synopsis of the film: An American spy, Ethan Renner estranged from his wife Christine and daughter, Zooey, has 3 months to live. Unexpectedly, he is offered a drug by a mysterious ‘agent’ called Vivi, which could prolong his life, but he has to undertake a final assignment for the USA to earn his ‘miracle cure’. If that sounds like something you’ve seen, or read, before, then you’re right on the money. This movie’s plot is predictable and plodding, the characterisation is as flat as a cardboard cut-out and it’s only the glorious choice of Paris as a setting that makes this movie palatable. Paris, with its light-festooned Eiffel Tower and its romantic bridges and moody streets will always be resplendent … even in a movie with a banal plot.

I’m losing count of the films I’ve seen where a teen adopts a hostile attitude towards a parent because he hasn’t lived up to what has been expected. And I’m tired of seeing estranged wives swoon into the arms of a former beau, the minute he turns on the charm. Yawn! Hollywood, take note, we want something a little more like real life and a little less like la-la land.

This action movie is a typical ‘kick-shoot-and-punch’ kind of film. If that’s what you are after, it will meet your needs handsomely. If you like a little more cerebral action with your action, give this film a skip.

3 Days To Kill - Amber Heard Wallpaper