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Ask Annabel 2

Annabel isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. Here she is answering your questions in Ask Annabel Part Two.


1) Annabel! Will you step up and direct my films screenplay?

Annabel: Yes, love to. I am looking for a new opportunity..this may be it!

2) Do you ever wish your cat would turn into The Cat in the Hat cat?

Annabel:  It would be cool if Cat in the Hat turned up at my house and even cooler if he brought Dr Seuss with him. Our cat has severe personality disorders and does’nt leave the house.

3) Would your life make an interesting movie?

Annabel: Sadly, no. I’ve done nothing exciting….”Life of Annabel” would go straight to the list of most boring movies ever made.

Annabel Bailey

4) Why do some people watch the human centipede and go back for more? revolted lol yuck

Annabel: I have pondered this one for you, Debbie. It looks a grossly awful movie and I would’nt watch it. For an psychological explanation of this habit I have turned to the Horror Master himself, Stephen King who says :“We like to prove to ourselves that we can handle it and it brings us out of the gray areas of adulthood to the black and whites of childhood.” We have to dig deep into the human psyche for an answer…..we secretly enjoy seeing others doing things we find gross because the revulsion is part of the fun. Or it’s the morbid curiosity we all have as human beings to look at others in distressing situations. (ever slow down to look at a motorway accident?) I had a weird obsession with ‘The Fly’ movie (Jeff Goldblum) when I was young. Perhaps these people are just immature idiots with no taste in movies.

5) What film are you looking forward to being released this year?

Annabel: “What we do in the shadows” looks fun…I’m not a big vampire fan but this is a Kiwi movie and Rhys Darby is in it somewhere so that’s good enough for me. Also “Mockingjay” the last Hunger Games movie. Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

6) If your life was made into a movie, which genre would suit it best and why?

Annabel: Better go with superhero action movie with a zombie slasher undertone .… but seriously this is not going to happen as the movie could be used by hospitals for anaesthetic purposes.

7) Hey Annabel! Whats your favourite and least favourite movies??

Annabel: I hate “Eagle Eye” which is not so much the movie’s fault but one weekend my husband watched it about 29 times and I got sick of it. I have lots of favourite movies – current fav would be “ Inception”. I had to see it twice on the big screen just to get my head around it and I bought the DVD the day it came out.

8) Have you read and watched books and movies by Nicholas Sparks? And if so, what do you think of them and their depiction in the Movie version?

Annabel: I haven’t read a Nicholas Sparks novel but I have watched the movies. Perfect for a wet afternoon when you just want a nice movie and a cup of tea. I like “The Notebook”  the best as I like the continuity of showing the characters through their whole life.

9) Which actress would you want to play you if your life were to be made into a movie?

Annabel: Kate Winslet…she is cool and would have the depth of experience to play me in my tragic desperate life.

10) If you could change the ending to any film, which one would it be, and how would you change it?

Annabel:  Titanic….Rose sees Jack just float away rather than drown so the audience are’nt sure what happens to him. Later on the deck after she is rescued and is on the deck in Cal’s coat and puts her hand into the pocket to find the diamond…she says Jack, Jack I will come and find you…She puts the diamond in a safe deposit box in a Wall Street bank and gets a job in the New York Public Library. One day she is sightseeing at the top of the Empire State Building when she rounds a corner and there is Jack with his sketch book, drawing the New York skyline. You can imagine the rest. They could not actually do this until 1931 so there’s a 19 year gap which could work and maybe even more romantic. I’m still discussing details with James.

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  • zandri spies June 30, 2014, 2:50 am

    Hi! In your opinion, how do you feel about big movies with shallow plotlines making millions of reruns. Like the transformers movies or despicable me 1&2. Iv always seen it as a cheap way to make more cash off veiwers, and it’s slowly pushing audiences away from paying full price for second rate movies (or any movie for that matter). But let’s get a second opinion.

  • Loretta June 30, 2014, 9:19 am

    How many movies do you see a week?

  • judy wolff June 30, 2014, 11:02 pm

    what cinema is showing Desert Running ?

  • Jan July 4, 2014, 12:22 am

    Have you seen those Youtube videos where they condense movies into like 15 seconds?

  • Kick ass July 13, 2014, 12:10 pm

    Do you ever enjoy a glass of sparkling wine at the Bridgeway? I’ve been there a few times and they always have a good range on offer.

  • Katrina July 13, 2014, 12:11 pm

    Annabel what is the funniest movie you’ve ever seen?

  • Mackenzie July 13, 2014, 12:12 pm

    Would you ever make out with Brad Pitt if he asked nicely?

  • Julian Rodrigo July 13, 2014, 12:14 pm

    How many movies from the IMDB top 250 can you name with out lookin?

  • Meg July 13, 2014, 12:16 pm

    Have you every had a deja vu feeling when you watched a movie?


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