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Ask Annabel 4

Annabel does beat around the bush. She is honest and  has been hard at work answering all your movie questions. Here are her answers.

Annabel Bailey

Who directed teh film annabel?

Annabel: John R. Leonetti….it’s actually “Annabelle”. Not sure if I will rush to see it….


What is the highest grossing foreign’ non-English speaking’ movie in NZ?

Annabel: No idea sorry. Had a quick google but could’nt find anything. Ask a librarian at your local public library!


Do you agree that Leonardo DiCaprio is yet to produce an ‘Oscar-worthy’ performance? If not, which movie do you think he should have received one for?

Annabel: His Oscar is coming….other big names have been nominated several times before getting their hands on that trophy.


Why do some movies go straight to DVD, who decides this, ie Rum Diary with johnny depp, I would’ve gone to see it at the movies.

Annabel: A production studio may decide not to generally release a TV show or film for several possible reasons: poor quality, lack of support from a TV network, negative reviews, controversial nature, or a simple lack of general public interest…blah blah blah is the official answer. It costs a lot to promote a movie and show it at the theatres so I guess they don’t want to waste money. Yes I would see anything with Johnny Depp at the movies.


Do you think movies have been developing technology or technology has been developing movies?

Annabel: Technology is changing every aspect of our lives…movies are no exception.


How has the film industry changed in the past fifty years? Are movies becoming more complex as time goes on?

Annabel: You better attend my film studies lecture this Wednesday at 4 pm. I’ll explain everything. But the quick answer is yes and yes.

What is the difference between DVD and Blue Ray?

Annabel: Blue ray has higher definition and therefore a better picture.

Do you think the guy playing Mr Grey was the right choice?

Annabel: I have no opinion on this at all..it was such a badly written book I have no interest at all in the movie. I can’t believe anyone would waste their money making this movie. It will go straight to DVD I’m sure.

What is the highest grossing NZ film?

Annabel: Boy…grossing 9.3 million

What is the highest grossing NZ film for the year?

Annabel: “What We Do In The Shadows” may have a good chance but I could not find any statistics so maybe they only do the figures at the end of the year.

How many NZ films are made on average, each year?

Annabel: Only a few…2 so far for 2014, none in 2013 and 5 in 2012.


What makes a good movie?

Annabel: Actors, story line/plot and scenery. But that’s a bit simplistic also required is some kind of X factor from the director such as a really good performance from one of the actors,  spectacular scenery/action shots, or an unexpected twist in the plot. Books have been written on this subject – check out your local library!


Do you think Joaquin Phoenix was cheated out of an Oscar for his performance in Walk The Line (no hate to PSH but I didn’t love him in Capote) especially considering Jamie Fox WON when he didn’t perform any songs, whereas JP did.

Annabel: Yes he gave a great performance in the movie.


What do you think has been the best movie for 2014 so far?

Annabel: “12 years a slave” was pretty good but I did not buy it the day it came out on DVD so my vote goes to “The book thief” which I bought the book the day after I had seen the movie and the DVD as soon as it came out.


Why is it that there are loads of movies on DVD and yet it hasn’t effected Movie Cinemas and the amount of people that still go to see the latest movies on offer?

Annabel: Because going to the movies is a social activity…and we are social animals. It’s a good place to take a girl for a first date or meet your girlfriends for a chick flick. Rather like going for coffee the activity itself is unimportant it’s the connection between human beings that is the main event taking place. It’s also quite a cheap night out and you get to see the movie on a big screen. And sometimes you just have to get out and get a life..lol


If you could show one movie to a mass amount of people what would it be?

Annabel: “Schindler’s List”…powerful and moving to remind us not be get complacent about atrocities.


Do you think there will be another Avatar type movie in the near future?

Annabel: Yes, it’s in production. James and I are working on the script right now.


Do you think the DVD market will last giving the current increase in streaming of films online?

Annabel: Probably…nothing like a bargain of 2 DVD’s for ten bucks at the Warehouse and like books I like to have my own copy of things to watch when I want to. Books and libraries were supposed to die with the advent of ebooks but this did not happen.

Why am i so good lookin lol

Annabel: Because David, your mother was obviously a gorgeous girl and your father was a Brad Pitt lookalike so really it was just a lucky gene combination and you can take no credit at all. Better send me a picture of yourself so I can make a considered judgement…….


Video Tapes then DVDs and Blu-rays what will be next ?

Annabel:3D Blue ray is next and in the video shop now. But you need a 3D TV to watch it so just watch out for those green covers on the DVD’s and don’t get the wrong one.


What is your all time favourite Kiwi movie? 

Annabel: I have 2…”The Piano” and “Lovebirds”.




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