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Ask Annabel 5

Annabel Bailey has been challenged to answer questions about movies which confused you. Here are her answers.

Annabel Bailey


  1.  In the movie ‘Lost in translation’ I just felt lost, I never really got it.

Sofia Coppola wanted to make a movie about the relationship of Bob and Charlotte and set it in Tokyo because it was a city she felt lost and disorientated in.  So there’s quite a lot of her personal experience in the movie and she wanted Bill Murray to star in it. It’s a Seinfeld kind of movie really just about nothing. I think it was just a $4 million thing she did because she could. Don’t worry if you don’t get it..this is not Film Studies 101.


  1. How closely did the author Robyn Davidson work with the writer and producers of this film?

‘Tracks’ is the movie and I have read the book and watched the movie..so IMO it’s pretty authentic. A quick ‘goog’ says she did have input into the movie which was a personal journey to explore one’s fears and insecurities and also the sexism and racism in Australia at the time. Movies also have to make money and provide entertainment so it was’nt overly serious in portraying these messages and the camels were kind of cute in a big dribbly way but I think I’ll take a train across Australia thanks.


  1. Does Mulholland Drive make more sense the more you watch it? I was sure I had it sussed but then watched it again and changed my mind completely!

Sorry no idea on this one..I’m sure I’ve watched it but don’t remember. Maybe a little movie watching moral here – don’t rewatch anything unless you want to have your mind changed!


  1.   I have always wondered ..in the movie “Sliding doors” whose baby does the central character think she is having?

A perfect role for Gwyneth …she is having John Hannah’s baby as the other guy is just a tosser. Love the idea of sliding doors in life…we should all have a few years in life where we can slide in and out of one life to another if we find we have made bad choices. I’ll work on a screen play for Sliding Doors 2 for my film studies assignment.


  1. Who’s A in pretty little liars?

Mona Vanderwaal.


  1.     How come I have never heard of the Journey?

An unanswerable question, dear  Cinemaddicts fan. I have no idea. Perhaps you need to read a few more books, magazines or newspapers and keep up with film reviews? Or actually go to the movies once in a while?


  1. I could get a handle on the movie Prometheus in the first half but the second half made very little sense apart to me at all apart from some amazing visuals. Does anyone else have a clue?

I quite enjoyed Prometheus but am generally not a big Alien fan. After one movie of scary creatures erupting from people’s stomachs you get an idea of how the sequels will be…In Prometheus they are going to find the aliens are still alive and kicking in the underground caves (of course they have to survive to come back to Earth). David gets his head pulled off and reattached to his body because they have the technology to do this and want to show it off…Elizabeth is a feisty girl who can do her own pregnancy termination so she is not going to be killed off but can escape back to Earth. I think it’s all about some adventure to pad out the movie and show at the end the alien ready to come to Earth. Prometheus 2 is out in 2016!



  1. I always wondered why the Star Wars movies were created completely backwards as a fan on the first ones. I have never bothered with the rest as back to front doesn’t work for me.

He (George Lucas) just wanted to make more money so maximised the sequels and prequels etc  …I agree back to front is just a bit weird and contrived.


10.    Does the flux capacitator in the Delorean in Back to the Future make it a sentient being? It always seems to breakdown as a way of avoiding a paradox..


Good question…let’s explore it. Sentient being the quality/state  of sentience or consciousness so you are asking if the flux capacitator had some form of consciousness or intelligent awareness? My answer is yes….this is the realm of time travel which beyond my experience at this time but I would certainly jump in that Delorean and go somewhere.  Dr Emmett Brown states it is what makes time travel possible so I do not doubt such a genius. It can function just fine but the break downs add a bit of tension and drama to the movie. Otherwise Michael J Fox would have gone everywhere and changed the world as we know it.



11.    The Tree of life – it’s a beautiful movie with some really awe inspiring flash back but what exactly was the aim when producing the movie..

Not sure as I have not seen it. But Brad Pitt is in it so I will get it this weekend and watch it. It’s labelled ‘experimental’ so maybe there is no particular aim just a whim to do something different.


12.     In “The little mermaid” why did’nt Ariel just write on paper to communicate with Prince Eric? She knew how to write as she signed Ursula’s contract.

Writing would give her freedom of speech well freedom of writing but it’s all about keeping women powerless and unable to express themselves(she can’t even speak just nods her sad little head). She loves him so much every step she dances is like standing on razor sharp knife blades therefore love is a painful and excruciating emotion. Hans Christian Andersen was attracted to unattainable women so the whole communication message is about how much you would sacrifice to attract the one you love. I think you need to read my Masters thesis on the role of women in the fairytales of Hans Christian Andersen….if you can read my Danish version that would be best. I studied Danish at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense (where he was born) for the sole purpose of reading HCA’s work in the original language so nothing would be lost in translation. I love “The little mermaid” it’s one of my favourite fairy tales.


13. Lost Highway – David Lynch. I should have known what I was getting myself into considering the director but this movie has never made a whip of sense to me. From start to finish. So my question – can you explain the point of the movie to me? I’m on this thing called the internet but believe me I have googled this before. And I still don’t know.

It all takes place in his head..you need a good imagination to get the hang of this one. So imagine a memorable event in your life and relive it in your thoughts and then try and film those thoughts for others to see. As with my answer about “Lost in translation’ this is an entertainment website not Film studies 101. Like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates if you don’t like a flavour move on to the next one….IMO you either love or hate the mindbending type of movie so perhaps they are just not your thing.


14. In the recent X-men movie why did’nt they use the really fast guy to help them beat up the bad guys. He could have solved all their problems in 2 minutes.


Yes he could have but then it would have been a 7 minute long movie and who would go and watch that?  It’s all about money and getting people in those movie seats….

15. Inception was a little bit trippy but better after the second viewing.

After the 27th  viewing you will realise it is the most awesome of all the mindbending movies ever made. Not only can your innermost secrets be stolen from your subconscious while you are dreaming – there is one guy out there who is an expert at it. Then they twist it so Don Cobb is implanting the ideas….and this is his job in corporate espionage. Just don’t sit next to him in a plane.  It is a bit trippy but I like that in a movie and the whole manipulation of time. As  time is faster in a dream you can get so much more done…. blow up a few mountain bunkers, escape from a hotel and be back in the van before it touches the water.  Can’t wait for Inception 2.


16. What does the spinning top mean at the end of “Inception”.

It’s a reality test..if you are in real life gravity will exert it’s influence and the top will eventually stop spinning. But if you are still in the dream the top keeps going because it is not real. Perhaps a metaphor for life – are we sure we are alive? How do we know we are’nt all dreaming? Make up your own mind if Don Cobb is alive or dead at the end of the movie.


17. In Memento are Leonard and Sammy the same person?

I have deferred to the wonderful website IMDb for an opinion on this and it says no. They are 2 different people.



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