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“Big Gerry Brownlee” Top Five Movies

The man behind the satirical “Big Gerry Brownlee” Twitter account shares his top five movies with Cinemaddicts. (Warning, this is not the real Gerry Brownlee).



Against All Flags (1952) – An ageing Errol Flynn plus Maureen O’Hara doing a Technicolour pirate movie? Come on. You can’t beat that.


Out of the Past (1947) – Jaques Tourneur directing Bob Mitchum, Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas in a classic noir. Crackling dialogue. Double crosses. Noir cinematography. Unbeatable.


Chinatown (1974) – Polanski gets Nicholson and Dunaway doing a great Robert Towne script in the New Hollywood style. Somehow it’s timeless.


Sharknado (2013) – The ultimate so-bad-it’s-good movie. A low budget masterpiece that almost makes the genre obsolete. Seriously my favourite film of 2013. Committing to a premise is vital and this film commits 300%.


What We Do In The Shadows (2014) – Yes there’s Peter Jackson and yes there’s NZ’s cinema of unease, but this does perfectly my personal favourite type of Kiwi storytelling – a funny story about Kiwis trying to be good to each other.

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