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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Four years since the battle with the Decepticons in the human city of Chicago, I did my absolute best to keep out of trouble. The humans have been extremely unforgiving towards our kind in recent times. The government has cut ties with us and their mass hunt down of our kind has sent us into hiding. Many times over I have questioned the reason why the auto bots must constantly defend the very humans who want us dead.

Rusty Optimus Prime

I thought an abandoned theatre in Texas would have been a perfect hiding place. The huge amount of fighting had deactivated my spark and left me feeling rusty. A human named Cade Yeager discovered me with his friend Lucas. These men wanted to strip me down and sell parts of me off. I didn’t trust them apart from any human. Soon it was clear they meant no harm to me and were willing to sacrifice themselves for me.

The CIA “Cemetery Wind” leader, Harold Attinger, quickly discovered my hiding place. He sent James Savoy and his men down to capture me. If the stories are correct I’d be joining my old friends in the laboratory of Joshua Joyce’s Kinetic Science Institute (KSI). There is not much loyalty which could be shown towards these humans. Even when Cade’s daughter Tessa is threatened with a gun while the agents search the Yeager property for me, I feel upset and angry towards humans. So much is wrong with them. But nevertheless it is still my duty to stand up for the ones who want to protect me.

Transformers in disguise

Shane Dyson rescued Cade, Tessa and Lucas. By my understanding he was the girl’s “mate.” His driving skills enabled the human beings to avert danger. Lockdown, the Decepticon bounty hunter, found us and killed Lucas, with the other three humans narrowly escaping his wrath.

After finding rest in a gas station in the middle of nowhere, a stolen drone from the raid shed new light on what was happening. Cemetery Wind and KSI were working together. I knew that I could not trust humans for long.

The time came to recall the surviving auto bots. This was a turning point in the journey. We were together with each other once again. KSI were rebuilding the deceptions with science. After our unglamorous raid on KSI, we came face to face with Mr. Joyce. According to him we were not needed now. The transformers which he has built were more capable and apt then ourselves. They listened to his commands.

As we were leaving we noticed some trouble up ahead. Galvatron and Stinger, the two KSI inventions have been sent to destroy us. Unlike the creations of the cube he is able to transform down into little pieces of a cube and swirl effortlessly towards me. Instead of targeting us, the Robots kill innocent lives. Attinger does not care. This is creating the future. I have no time to prepare myself and launch straight into Galvatron.

The battles are more intense this time around. The Decepticons are far more powerful. While science may aid the humans in their quest for knowledge but it also has a power to destroy many other things. I am still struggling to reconcile with the human beings. Despite the many battles which the auto bots have been a part of, a lot of humans will never be able to understand who we are and what we stand for. Optimus Prime

Someone explained that our life form was created 60 million years ago, at the same time when dinosaurs became extinct. Man needs to learn to say sorry. But I remain optimistic. ‘There will be days when we lose faith, days when our allies turn against us. But the day will never come when we forsake this planet and its people.’

‘We were once a peaceful race of mechanical intelligent beings.’

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